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What is Tandem Skydiving?

Tandem Skydiving is the jump most people make for their first skydive. It takes minimal instruction and allows you to make your initial skydive or skydives with an instructor harnessed to you.

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What is Accelerated Freefall (AFF)?

AFF is the quickest route to becoming a certified skydiver. Your freefalls, which are approximately 50-seconds long, will be guided by expert instructors. Most AFF skydives are made from 15,000 feet.

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What does Freefall feel like?

Because you are falling on a cushion of air, freefall is a buoyant feeling similar to floating on water — only much more thrilling.

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What if I don't open the parachute?

Opening the parachute is very simple. All you do is throw a toggle into the airflow.

If you were to lose altitude awareness, your jump instructor, guiding you through the use of hand signals, would instruct you to open the parachute.

And, if you did not respond, your instructor would open your parachute for you.

An additional safety feature is the fact that our parachutes are fitted with computerized activation devices, which, if needed, would open your parachute for you.

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After opening the parachute, is it easy to find the landing zone and fly to it?

The landing zone is easy to find.

In addition to teaching you exactly what to do, we give you a radio and talk you down to whatever point you can fly and land yourself.

Our canopies fly at approximately 20mph and are incredibly fun to fly across the sky.

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Is the landing hard?

Our ram air canopies allow you to make feather-soft landings!

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Will I enjoy my jump?

Virtually all our customers are incredibly thrilled with their jumps, and most of them want to climb right back up in the air to do it again!

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